#Him (Almost Tiny Tales #1)

Almost Tiny Tales #1

(Almost Tiny Tales : My personal Challenge to blog about a #word atleast twice a week. The key is to keep the story word count less than 200 words and use the #word only 3 times)

Word for the day: #him

Don’t get emo so soon my love!! I’m with you”, He said

I couldn’t help but sniff a little at his words. We’d been away for so long, missing times, missing memories.

It was harsh, this feeling of utter and complete loss. I tried to make #him stay, but time was not on my side. I willed myself to stay still but everytime I looked at him, I could feel my eyes pricking and my throat paining. All I wanted to do was cuddle and hide my face somewhere. Yet he managed to pick me out every time I tried to hide my tears.

He mattered more to me than anyone else ever had. And he was so far away. It hurt to wait to create memories. It hurt to let go and say goodbye.

I watched #him leave and each step he took away from me, it felt like my world was shattering, shard by shard digging deep.

He left his fragrance behind. I could catch some whiffs in the air where he had been.

I cuddled into my blanket and dropped tears wishing my blanket was #him.

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